Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 6 | Ecotourism 2013

On our last full day in the Amazon, we had an early wake up call at 4:45am from roosters while in our hammocks.  After we had breakfast, we went on a small jungle hike through the backyard of EKOBE so Leandro and Jean Daniel could explain to us the different trees and wildlife along the path.  During the hike, they pointed out specific trees and plants and we met a woman who moved from the city to the jungle with her husband.  She was very hospitable to us and some of us even got to swing on a vine near her house.  Towards the end of our hike, we were able to plant trees that Jean-Daniel provided that would start the reforesting process near EKOBE.  Once the hike was finished, Senor Miguel met us back at EKOBE and was kind enough to cook us our final Brazilian meal, which was delicious!  Shortly after, we sadly had to say goodbye to Senor Miguel, Jean-Daniel, and our fantastic jungle guide for the week, Leandro.  In just under a week, they kindly taught us so much about the Amazon ecosystem and made our time in Brazil one we will never forget.  After a three hour ride back to Manaus, we were finally able to see the meeting of the waters.  Throughout the week, we were learning about the differences between the two rivers.  It is at this point where the Negro river meets the Solimoes and eventually becomes the Amazon river.  Visibly, the muddy white water and the black water crash into one another.  To show the extreme differences between the two rivers, Hudson, our guide, had us put our hands into the water.  The Negro river was considerably warmer than the Solimoes.  This was a great activity to end the trip; besides the crazy ride back to shore!  We also got to see the most beautiful sunset, which tied up our Brazilian adventure perfectly.  Tomorrow morning, we will be back home in Boston, but we will never forget our week in the Amazon!


  1. The meeting of the waters seems like another great addition to the trip!

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